XO™ Bespoke Customer Experience Review

An upgrade to the standard Customer Experience Review.  A Two (2) hour design workshop with the Customer defines the exact content to be Reviewed.

Packages with Multiple Reviews can be used to evaluate:

  • Own Business – Different Shifts that Ensure all Teams are Reviewed
  • Own Business – Different Dates spread over Maximum of 6 months
  • Own Business and Competitors

Packages on offer to include:

  • Bespoke Customer Experience Review x 1
  • Bespoke Customer Experience Review x 3
  • Bespoke Customer Experience Review x 5 


Once the Design Workshop is Complete the Customer Experience Reviewer to:

  • Set up the App with the tailor made questionnaire to drive the Review within 7 working days.
  • Action The Review which includes an Industry Questionnaire with Photographs, Video and MP3 Recordings if Required.
  • Prove the Place, Time & Duration of Visit by using Geo Tagging Technology.
  • Submit a Completed Report Done within 48 Hours of Reviewer’s Visit.


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